Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meet the New Mason Mascot

This is what the mascot of a university looks like when they are called the Patriots but the school wants to be politically correct:

Bye bye, Gunston.

So after eight years of living with the big green Muppet-like mascot, a mascot that actually looks like a patriot was introduced this week.

While many students liked Gunston, many of the alumni at George Mason University did not. I am going to give credit to the alumni who posted on the sports message board Well done Zoners. The Patriot is a more fitting mascot for a team that has made it to the Final 4 and the #1 Up-and-Coming School in the country.

Now let's get back to the Final 4 soon.


attababyred said...

I don't know I thought the muppet Puppet was perfect for this particular school and it's characteristically tough schedule, you know like vermont, hampton, radford highlanders, Dayton flyers, liberty school for the blind and such.

lewis said...

Mason has a policy of not playing pay-day games. They insist on home-and-home games. Most BCS conference schools don't want to play outside of the confines of their own gyms especially when playing a so-called mid major.

Oh, and Dayton is undefeated so far. They are a really good team this year.

Anonymous said...

Hampton? Vermont? Radford? No my friend, Mason is in the CAA playing teams like Northeastern, Old Dominion and James Madison. Get your facts str8.