Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not a Memorial Day Sale

because there is no way to quantify the price my great uncle Thurlow Price paid.

Memorial Day Sales offend me.   Maybe it is just me as I could not find any discussion of this with a Google search, but I refuse to shop at any store that has a Memorial Day Sale.  Is nothing sacred in our materialistic culture?


Bryan said...

"Memorial Day: When we pretend that we live in a free country because of all the people who were killed in the government’s senseless wars." ~ Harry Browne

A day to celebrate government destruction and murder, and war's necessary coercion and theft shouldn't be sacred and isn't libertarian at all. War is the health of the State and the antithesis of liberty. For Memorial Day, libertarians should concentrate on ways to stop war rather than glorify it and its participants.

Conscience on the Battlefield, by Leonard Read;

Peace, freedom, justice and prosperity,

l4k said...


By honoring my great uncle, who never got to have a family or live a full life because of a war the US shouldn't even have been in, I am not "celebrating" war. Just the opposite, it is a reminder that war has a cost and it affects families forever. I never got to meet my great uncle so I can only speculate how his early death may have impacted me. However, I do know that his death left a huge hole in my grandmother’s heart that never completely healed.

While I agree that libertarians should focus on “ways to stop (unjustified) war rather than glorify it,” I think it is nonetheless appropriate to honor those killed in action.

Thanks for the link to the Leonard Read column. Hopefully, everyone will follow the link and read it.