Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Message to My Liberal Facebook Friends

I have something to say to my statist Facebook friends (yes, I know, you like to call yourselves “liberal” or “progressive”).  I am glad you are my friends (and not just FB friends) but you are not helping to improve the tone of political discourse with your daily mindless posts.  And in case you are thinking I am talking about you and only you, I assure you I am not.  Because, you see, it is ALL of you.  You all post the same mindless crap.   It is like there is some statist puppet master pulling your strings.  Whenever I see “Stop watching FauxNews, think for yourselves” posted five times by five different FB friends on the same day, I have to chuckle at the irony.  Gay marriage, chicken sandwiches, the latest gaffe from Romney, what some nobody Republican dog catcher foolishly said about something, are all insignificant and by posting this crap you are acting like middle school girls who like to talk about frivolous things.  So enough of the snarky look-how-smart-I-am-because-I-found-a-funny-picture-showing-how-stupid-those-Republicans-are posts.    And, it doesn’t help your case when you resort to name calling (nutjobs, baggers, sociopaths) and constant carpet F-bombings, you come across as insecure middle school boys who want to act all tough.   Honestly, rarely do any of my conservative or libertarian FB friends do any of this stuff.  But from my dear statist friends, it is an everyday thing.  It would be one thing if you actually wanted to talk about policy (as opposed to political gotcha), but you have shown no interest in having a true political discussion.
So let’s be clear, this election is about one thing and one thing only – how can the entitlement debt bomb be defused.  It is undeniable to anyone who is paying attention that unless we do something about the federal debt, our children will be condemned to a lower standard of living.  And, yes, I agree we need to bring home the troops and stop getting ourselves involved in wars with countries that have not attacked us.  I agree we can no longer afford an empire. But guess what, we have to cut entitlement programs because entitlements make up 62% of the federal budget and will completely consume the budget by 2045.  Entitlements and interest will consume the total federal budget by 2025. 
It has been estimated that the total unfunded entitlements liability (future required payments) exceeds $100 TRILLION dollars. Yes, that was trillion with a T.  So what my statist friends need to understand is that every new thing you demand from the government has a cost.  Nothing is free.   
And the answer is not to raise taxes.  If the federal government took 100% of the income of the top 1% (those making over $384k a year) it would not balance the budget let alone pay down the debt.  The total confiscation of the income of the  top 1% would provide only $750 billion while the annual federal deficit is projected to be $1.1 trillion.  And of course with a 100% tax rate the top 1% would “go Galt” and stop working or leave the country.
So do we begin to have a rational discussion about how to save this country from financial collapse or do you want to continue to post mean-spirited snarky crap?  If it is the latter, then you are no better than all the hack politicians who have destroyed this country.  I know you are better than they are, please show it.