Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Major Parties Colluding to Keep Third Party Identifiers off Ballots

Here is the Tennessee presidential ballot. Lot of candidates, but notice what is missing? The third party candidates have not been identified by their party. Why? Because the Democrats and Republicans know that, if a voter can't readily identify which "independent" candidate represents which third party, it will reduce votes for third party candidates.


From a FoxNews article on the Two-Party Monopoly:

Bob Barr has no chance of winning the election. But regardless of what you may think of his politics, or that of third-party candidates like Ralph Nader or Chuck Baldwin, this system is rigged. The two major parties have effectively cemented their grip on power by creating laws that make it virtually impossible for upstarts to compete with them. They have effectively done with campaign laws what federal business regulations tend to do in the private sector — protect the behemoth, entrenched dinosaurs that dominate the industry by making it too expensive and difficult for anyone to challenge them.


Attababy said...

WOW conspiracy theorists abound in the final days of an election...

I can't get anyone to believe my point of view rationally so I'll bash everyone and everything with arguments such as...Obama's the antichrist or McCain’s just another 4yrs of Bush. Somebody’s hiding my parties’ name that’s why no one will vote for ole… what’s his name Nader??

Get a grip, vote however you want and deal with what is presented to you after the election!! The parties are represented Republicans, Demonrats & Independents, that probably doesn't even add up to three in your world view.

I personally don't think they should go to the expense/trouble to NAME the Gay communist third Reich left wing party or what ever the crap your name is.

If your party has merit, values and went to the expense and trouble to put their viewpoints out in PUBLIC venues, then the people will know them by name and vote for them. To think that someone is colluding is ludicrous, your just grasping at straws to not except the fact your”party” is too lazy/cheap/stupid to buy airtime and put their views before the public.

Do yourself a favor and quit whining and if you really care which I doubt, donate $money$ and time to their cause. Not the ten dollar thing and I’ll start a really good PC blog so as not to have to get up off my big ole fat butt. Take your vacation during the primary season and help them.


lewis said...

As always, it was good to hear from you Ricky. But how do you really feel?

lewis said...

Attababy says, "To think that someone is colluding is ludicrous. . ." which is quite a ludicrous statement. Do you think these third party candidates didn't want to be identified as belonging to a party?

I suggest you do some research before you post again. Luckily no animals were harmed with your experimental post.

attababy said...

Once again you evade the fact that your not willing to get truly involved for example just like building the toolshed outside your house, it's just so much talk and bluster.

You ought to be more like me give something a whirl even if it comes crashing down...you know like the giant tree I dropped on your garden. If you believe in this Baldwin...nader or whatever his name is youd be the campain chairman for your community. Sticking a yard sign in your yard doesn't count.

lewis said...

Don't forget the tree you dropped on the power line that caught fire. You said, "Tell the power company you didn't pay me since they will expect me to pay for it if you hired me to cut it down." I believe my comment was, "And that wouldn't be a lie."

Good times.