Monday, November 3, 2008

Teach them early that there is a monopoly in elections in America

This morning on the way out the door, my two daughters told me that there was going to be a mock election at their school today.  I asked, "Are you voting Barr or Baldwin?"  My oldest daughter said something to the effect, What if they don't have the third-party losers on the ballot?  I explained that according to that line of reasoning only one candidate should be on the ballot because it does not appear that McCain has a chance either.

Anyway, on the ride home tonight, I was told that, sure enough, they did not have any "third-party losers" on the ballot.  The kids could only vote for Obama or McCain.  I gather my kids' school used some national Internet school mock election site. 


Attababy said...

Sounds to me like you should be more concerned with your schools choice of political venues. Since they don't even offer or recognize your candidate, maybe a better choice of public school system is in order or a school that is more in line with your own politics.

Obviously your own children have been introduced to the Baldwin philosophy from you and it hasn't impressed or had any intended effect other than them considering him “a third party loser”

How do you intend on having ANY effect in public since you sway your own family??

lewis said...

If only I could find a school more in line with my political views . . .

Only with time will know if I have affected my children's political views.

I have no delusions of having any affect of the public's political views. My only intention is to have fun writing a blog. If someone wants to read it then fine. And thanks for commenting.