Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Global Warming Debate Today

My oldest daughter is in the 6th grade debate club. Today she will be arguing for man-caused global climate change. I wish her well, but more importantly I hope it is a good learning experience for her. The teams do not get to choose which side of the issue they must take. I directed her to a few resources and made a few comments that were probably not helpful. (Daughter’s assertion, “The polar bears are dying and the ice caps are melting.” My response, “No they’re not.”) In general, those who support government action are advocating increased government regulation. And as Professor Walter Williams has said, “More government means less liberty.” So if I were arguing the other side, I would make sure those that support increased regulation understand the necessary trade-off.

A few years ago, a niece from a more northern state was visiting and we were talking about the lack of snow in Tennessee the past few years. She, on the other hand, had missed quite a few days of elementary school due to all the snow. I asked, “Does anyone know why there isn’t as much snow in Tennessee?” Her quick answer was “global warming.” So much for the argument that only religious schools indoctrinate their students.


dougb110 said...

I hope your daughter is able to recover from your "help" and do well in the debate.

lewis said...

Apparently she was able to recover. Her side won the debate.