Friday, October 17, 2008

The Shadow Children Series

Many books written for children listed on the two lists of Children’s Literature of Liberty (see my September posts) are very heavy handed and, therefore, have not attracted a mainstream audience. Sure there are a few libertarian parents who have paid their children to read these overbearing lifeless attempts at fiction, but for the most part there is a reason they are out of print. That is certainly not the case with Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Shadow Children series as it is a very popular series among middle school children. And for good reason, they are extremely well done. My eleven year old daughter actually recommended this series to me and I have really enjoyed the first four.

This series is listed as being appropriate for children 8 – 12. However, I suggest parents of children younger than ten read the books first to see if they are appropriate. This warning is especially true of some of Haddix’s other books.

I hope to review each book here but I am afraid I will give too much of the plot away so I am going to suggest that you buy the books and not read my reviews. If, however, you are buying the books solely for your children then by all means read my reviews.

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