Thursday, April 9, 2009

Polls say Americans are more ignorant than once thought

So why do Obama and the Dems think they can so easily and drastically move America to the left? It is because they can. And they know it. You see, the statists have been conditioning Americans to look to government for the answers instead of themselves for the last century. And with every expansion of government power a line was drawn from which they would never cede ground. And the line kept moving in a leftward direction. Sometimes the speed would slow but the direction was never reversed. Even when Republicans were in power, government continued to grow.

Which brings us to today.
According to a recent Rasmussen poll, when asked if they prefer socialism or capitalism, 47% of Americans expressed a preference for socialism or are undecided. 63% of adults under 30 either think socialism is preferable to capitalism or are undecided. I can only imagine what teenagers think. I realize the response to a poll depends on how a question is phrased. Maybe if the poll were put in cartoon form like below the results would have been more favorable to the system that is responsible for high living standards wherever it has been tried (until the government meddles that is).

Another recent Rasmussen poll was just as distrubing, if not more so. It found that 57% of Americans supported a military response to the North Korean launch of a test missile that fell harmlessly into the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles from the U.S. Have we learned nothing from Iraq or Vietnam or Beruit? We should only use our military to defend our borders, not to police the world. North Korea is not a threat to us; Let South Korea and Japan deal with their trouble making neighbor.

I am hopping that Rasmussen isn't particularly good at poll taking.

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frozendelights said...

When they conduct polls about if we should go and fight they should have a follow-up question that goes something like this if the answer is yes: When do you and your childern intend to sign up for the military and go over there?