Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cash for Old Lemonade Cups

The L4K Lemonade Stand Chronicles: Cash for Old Lemonade Cups
The summer rush was over. The demand for lemonade was not what it once was. Some lemonade stands were closing. How could Barry and the boys convince people to buy more lemonade when they didn’t really want to? As usual, Barry had an idea. He would convince the city council to subsidize the sale of lemonade. But he didn’t want it to be so obvious that he and his lemonade stand would benefit so he would convince the city council that old lemonade cups were hurting the environment because they were made out of plastic containing BPA and new plastic cups were so much better for the environment. These cups would come with “free” lemonade. The city council would reimburse the lemonade stands for the “free” lemonade.
The city council, having a reputation of passing laws regardless of the merits, would be more than eager to go along. The council members would be seen as being concerned about the environment and they would help some of their more dependent voters, uh, I mean citizens. What could go wrong with this plan?
Little Timmy and Larry were getting excited. But then, Barry broke out in a loud laugh. He laughed so hard he had to bend over because his side hurt. The other boys were looking at Barry and wondering what was so funny. When Barry finally stopped laughing he said, “I was just joking. No government would ever go along with an idea that stupid.”
If only that were true, Barry, if only.

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