Friday, September 18, 2009

Post Constitutional America

I think of my blog as a reference for young people (and their parents) who seek to understand what it means to be free and why liberty from government tyranny is so essential to being a free person. Sometimes I will read a column and think it should be included in its entirety on my blog. Columns are, in general, too long for a blog. Most visitors to a blog will only give one minute of their time to read a post. That is why I have resisted re-posting long columns. Joseph Sobran wrote a column a few years ago that deserves to be read by every American but especially every young American. I could simply link to it but it is so important that I want to re-post it here. But instead of posting it as one big article, I have broken it into multiple posts so it is easier to digest. I have given titles to the parts; they were not part of the original column as penned by Mr. Sobran. I thought about editing the column to make it shorter, but I decided that would not be appropriate without Mr. Sobran’s permission. So starting next week, I will be posting part one of Mr. Sorban’s column on post-constitutional America titled “How Tyranny Came to America.”

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