Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thomas Jefferson and Logic

Too often political discourse today is nothing more than a string of political talking points which are themselves nothing more than political catch phrases.  But that wasn't always the case, many of the founders were well versed in logic.   John Rappoport lays out the logical arguments Jefferson made in the Declaration of Independence.  Go read how the Declaration of Independence uses logic to make the case for independence and liberty.

"I point this out to show that the Founders were not only acquainted with the use of logic, they wanted to make their great case for freedom and independence by using its power.
"In their minds, freedom and logic were connected. 
If in our schools, in 2010, logic as a distinct subject has been reduced to paltry terms, how are students able to grasp the majestic nature of freedom, as expressed in the Declaration?  How are they able to understand that living in freedom is more than vaguely drifting from one slogan to another, one addled piece of political rhetoric to another?"

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