Wednesday, December 31, 2008

L4K Year In Review

Hard to believe but I have been blogging for four months now.  And as I look back on my posts, I don’t regret any of them, which was one of my biggest fears when I contemplated starting a blog.  I thought I would cringe a bit when I would go back to read what I wrote and for that reason I had avoided re-reading my posts until this week.  Yeah, I have a few typos and some of the wording could be cleaned up but I think overall the posts stand up pretty well.

Some posts have been very popular and others have been completely ignored.  Based on word searches, here are the top five most popular posts:

  1. Churchill on Democracy quote.  Almost all of the European visitors were the result of this quote.  I am thinking about adding a reference to Churchill on all my future posts.
  2. Yertle the Turtle book review
  3. Among the Hidden book review
  4. Anti-federalist post. Most searches for this one included the words "anti-federalists" and "kids" so I like that they were looking for educational material for kids.
  5. Tree House post.  Still no walls. People who search for tree house don't find a lot on the Internet which surprises me.

 And here is a list of some of my favorite posts (in no particlular order):

Most of the non search traffic to my blog was the result of VoxDay adding L4K to his blogroll.  Thanks, Theodore.  I also have received a surprisingly large number of visitors because I posted a comment on the Young Americans for Liberty blog.  I guess libertarian students have a lot of free time.  I also get a few visitors when I make a comment over on Tal Bachman’s blog

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