Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yuletide Ramblings

I had hoped to review many children’s books before Christmas but life got in the way.  My reviews of Yertle the Turtle and Among the Hidden have been popular for people Googling reviews of these two books.  So in the coming year, I will try to write more book reviews even though I am not particularly good at it.  I am even thinking about contracting out the writing of book reviews to my eleven year old daughter and niece.

On Christmas Eve I usually go to a bookstore to pick up a few books for my daughters.  I always enjoy the hour or so I spend there - why is it that the coffee at a bookstore is always so good?  While there I noticed a graphic novel on the Constitution.  I don’t remember the name of the book or the author.  I almost bought it as parts of it were extremely well done but after spending a few minutes thumbing through it, I decided to pass.  I mostly based my decision on how it treated the second and tenth amendments.  If you don't get those two right, then you don't get the Constitution right.  While the author made an attempt to present the Constitution as a document that fundamentally limits the powers of government and promotes the liberty of individuals, the main thrust of the book was to present the Constitution as a living document.  Lesson learned - examine all children's books that discuss the Constitution for a political agenda.

Is Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe becoming a new Christmas Eve tradition like It's a Wonderful Life?  I hope so.  I prefer it over It's a Wonderful Life as I have never been a huge fan of the Jimmy Stewart movie.  However, last weekend I took my family to downtown Knoxville to see the movie at the historic Tennessee Theatre.  It was nice to see it in a setting like most probably saw it when it was first released.  It is hard to imagine that Narnia could have as a successful run as It's a Wonderful Life.  I just hope the drop off in ticket sales for the Prince Caspian movie doesn't mean the other Narnia books won't be made into movies.  The Narnia series is probably my all-time favorite children's books and the first two big screen adaptions were well done.

I finally get it – gold is an excellent gift but not as jewelry.  And platinum bullion bars would appear to be an especially good buy at the moment.

I have noticed some atheist bloggers have gotten into the “true meaning of Christmas” theme this year.  To say the least, they don’t get it and many come across as being quite angry.  If only they could find a Way to turn all their hate into love.

Merry Christmas

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