Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't Blindly Follow Anyone

I am often astounded by poll results. CNN conducts a daily poll based on one of its articles or reports. A report critical of the White House’s refusal to release photos of Air Force One buzzing Manhattan a few weeks ago and sending many New Yorkers running for cover was the basis for today’s poll question. The only thing we really know about the AF1 joyride is that it cost taxpayers $328k. Who was on the plane? Was it a Lincoln Bedroom-type perk for a large donor to the Obama campaign? We don’t know.

So why wouldn’t you want the pictures to be released? I can’t imagine anyone being against the release of these pictures unless a person is so emotionally tied to this president that they can’t accept that anything he does could be wrong. Even when he is obviously attempting to cover up - at best - a mistake, a true believer will defend him to the point of looking foolish and losing all credibility. George Bush had his groupies too; many were my friends. I was shocked when they continued to support his anti-conservative policies. Reason and counter evidence could not get through to them. Many liberals rightly made fun of these Bush loyalists. But now that there is a liberal in power, the same people who were concerned by the blind following of Bush are now doing the same with Obama.

So we now have a quantifiable number of how many people are blindly following Obama. It is 31%. And that is scary.

Think for yourselves, people. No politician is god. None deserves to be blindly followed. They all have faults. Support them when they are right, but call them to task when they are wrong. Blindly following any politician will lead us down the road to serfdom.

Is there some organized “respond to online polls like an idiot” campaign, like the “vote for the worst” American Idol campaign, that I am not aware of? Please tell me there is.

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