Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slaving for the Greater Glory of the Empire

As a child I was not a huge Star Wars fan, but I have come to appreciate it more since The Phantom Menace. Maybe if the following scene hadn't been cut I would have liked it more.

"What good's all your uncle's work if the Empire takes it over? You know they've already started to nationalize commerce in the central systems? It won't be long before your uncle is just a tenant, slaving for the greater glory of the Empire."

HT: The Humble Libertarian

There are actually lessons for today in the Star War movies . . .

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Norman said...

I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan myself, so I was pretty excited to see this deleted clip. And I love the Debt Star, LOL!

By the way, you have my blog linked in your sidebar, but the title is incorrect. It should be just "LibertarianChristians.com". Thanks for the link!